Who Sang You Know How Talk Gets Around? Eddy Arnold

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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length: 2:34
I'm hearing funny stories and they're far from being true
But you know how talk gets around
Those busy tongues are wagging saying I walked out on you
But you know how talk gets around

I must admit our romance wasn't all that it should be
We tried to claim a love we'd never found
They say you're living reckless and they're blaming it on me
But you know how talk gets around

I hear you're glad we parted that you're saying you don't care
Now you know how talk gets around
They're telling everybody that I didn't treat you fair
And you know how talk gets around

I wish I wasn't quite so proud when I'm around with friends
Then I wouldn't feel so honor bound
I'd give the world to tell them how I'd love to make amends
But you know how talk gets around

  • 1 You Know How Talk Gets Around
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  • 7 That Wonderful Mother of Mine
  • 8 Bring Your Roses to Her Now
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  • 10 My Mother's Sweet Voice
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  • 13 Why Didn't You Take That Too
  • 14 That Little Boy of Mine
  • 15 My Heart Cries for You
  • 16 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
  • 17 Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
  • 18 Me Too
  • 19 Little Angel With a Dirty Face
  • 20 I've Got Other Fish to Fry
  • 21 Many Tears Ago
  • 22 I Walk Alone
  • 23 Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart
  • 24 Homesick, Lonesome and Sorry
  • 25 One Kiss Too Many

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    script: Latin