Who Sang Into the Light? Edenbridge

Edenbridge Arcana cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Arne Stockhammer
release date: 2001-10-22
genres: Rock
styles: Psychedelic Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 5:23
composer: Lanvall
lyricist: Lanvall
When the lake of despair is so serene
When the tempest in your heart's breaking in

Still there is no horizon here
Through troubled waters I swim
The saving sheet-anchor will appear
Before I'm drowning in rapids near

So what if the darkness rules your mind
Just follow into the light
And what if your whole world stays behind
It's robbing you of your sight
I'll find my way back to the light

In the mirror the shades of the pictures fade
Look behind the charading games they played

Take those chains here away from me
Don't pour some oil into the fire
Shake off the past and you will agree
Will-o'-the wisps they will be never leading me


Don't dream of life just live your dream
And use the power of believing
I am eternal, into the light I ride
Into the cosmic force beyond the other side
I am a traveler in time
And I will find my way back into
My way back into the light
Right into the light I ride
Way back into the light

CD 1
  • 1 Ascending
  • 2 Starlight Reverie
  • 3 The Palace
  • 4 A Moment of Time
  • 5 Fly on a Rainbow Dream
  • 6 Color My Sky
  • 7 Into the Light
  • 8 Suspiria
  • 9 Winter Winds
  • 10 Arcana