Electric Six - Vengeance and Fashion 歌詞

I saw fire, when I looked in my lovers eyes,
Woaho, I saw, the devil dressed up in disguise,
Woaho, and you know it gets hotter than a microwave oven,
When you and I commence the lovin',
And you like what I'm doin', and I like what I'm doin' to you,
And everybody's happy, happy tonight.

I'm a man, and I'm torn between vengeance and fashion,
Woaho, and I'm tryin' so hard not to get caught up in the passion,
Woaho, and you know that my suit cost more than your house,
I'm a scoundrel, a lover, a murderous mouse,
And that looked good in your bed, and you think that I'm lookin' good,
And everybody's happy, happy tonight.

She's a girl, and she's got so many crazy ideas, man,
Woaho, she wants to push the button, and execute this innocent man,
Woaho, and you know she's depressed in her wedding dress,
She's gonna have her rings removed, and I like the way she's lookin',
Yeah she's lookin' like a hundred dollars,
And everybody's happy, happy tonight.

CD 1
  • 1 Dance Commander
  • 2 Electric Demons in Love
  • 3 Naked Pictures (of Your Mother)
  • 4 Danger! High Voltage
  • 5 She’s White
  • 6 I Invented the Night
  • 7 Improper Dancing
  • 8 Gay Bar
  • 9 Nuclear War (on the Dance Floor)
  • 10 Getting Into the Jam
  • 11 Vengeance and Fashion
  • 12 I’m the Bomb
  • 13 Synthesizer