Princess Lyrics - Elton John

Elton John Jump Up! cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Elton John, Gary Anthony Osborne
release date: 1982
length: 4:57
producer: Chris Thomas
piano: Elton John
lead vocals: Elton John
recording engineer: Bill Price
electric bass guitar: Dee Murray
guitar: Richie Zito
synthesizer: James Newton Howard
lyricist: Gary Osborne
composer: Elton John
Haven't you heard what's new?
There is a rumor
Going around that suddenly I've found you
Better believe it's true
I got a feeling
This is for real and nobody else will do

You are my princess
You make me smile
You make my life seem worthwhile
You are my princess
You are the one
You make the sun shine on me
You're one fine lady
You're my princess
You're my princess

Haven't you heard them say
I was a prisoner
Buried alive, now suddenly I've been freed?
But love is the sweetest way
Oh, I was lonely
And now you're the only lover that I'll ever need

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