Who Sang Freestyle Battle? Eminem

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ha ha you thought you could get rid of me but u cant! im hear to stay
yeah im white but i never use that as an excuse
thats why im cleaning up your lyrics like a bottle of doushe
Stanky ass lyrics Stanky ass rhymes
i bust the shit out of all your rhymes
we gone party like it's 1999
i run the spot and i leave in the streets
you wanna battle me im in the 3-1-3.
You think it's funny i aint Vanilla ice
so when i grab the mic you betta think twice
cuz i'll diss so bad i'll end your life
better yet you see me you better commit suicide
cuz i'll make sure this is a verbal homicide
Whoever said you can rap Damn they lied
Cuz you can't fuck my raps they come to quick and to fast
This is Two Man race Sorry but you came in Last.