Entombed - Blood Song 歌詞

(lyrics: Cederlund/Hellid,
music: Cederlund/Rosenberg/Andersson)
Drinking blood
a red delightful bloody power
my fatal bite
the art of the blackest hour
I suck your blood
an immense everlasting lust
morning grows
the sun burns me to dust
Your beating heart
gives the flow
in my high
I will let you go
red pulsing rivers
to me from you
but when I'm there
you are through
a vampire
blood desire
gets me higher
an unquenchable fire
Revel in blood
under the moon
give me your blood
it is my doom
it's a power beyond belief
beyond pain
my life's a stream
inside your vein
I suck your blood !

CD 1
  • 1 Eyemaster
  • 2 Rotten Soil
  • 3 Wolverine Blues
  • 4 Demon
  • 5 Contempt
  • 6 Full of Hell
  • 7 Blood Song
  • 8 Hollowman
  • 9 Heavens Die
  • 10 Out of Hand