Entombed - Crawl 歌詞

Father set me free from this altar of death
dead fingers cold as ice touches my flesh
as it passed through my soul and body
the fear I thought was gone grows
tears of regret and confusion
this is not what I wanted to know

I have embraced the truth
beyond lies where honesty reigns
I thought I gave my life
but back I was only given pain

I once stood at the threshold of my desire
losing ground now I'm this horrid truth's denier

The nocturnal hour is passed
here nothing can last
I sought and screamed in pain
but there was nothing to gain
Nihility arise from the bottom of no lies
from here to eternity I just can be set free

[Leads: Cederlund, Hellid]

Father help me die away from reality
my arms and legs are bound
please grant me mortality

I'm losing it
crawling upon these white walls of truth
for the darkest cold I've wasted my entire youth
I'm crawling down
the dirt that I licked off my mind
the truth you'll never want to find

CD 1
  • 1 Living Dead
  • 2 Sinners Bleed
  • 3 Evilyn
  • 4 Blessed Be
  • 5 Stranger Aeons
  • 6 Chaos Breed
  • 7 Crawl
  • 8 Severe Burns
  • 9 Through the Collonades