Who Sang Dumb Bitch? Esham

Esham Judgement Day, Volume 2: Night cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: James Broad, Paul Smith, Richard Kane, Richard Sayce
release date: 1992-4-9
length: 1:35
*****, ho, stink booty freak
You bound to get busy, all you need is every week
Hotel, motel, go and get the loot 'cause I know you so well
***** young nasty, nasty young *****
Twitchin *** still tryin to switch
A bucket full of nut, thinkin put some on the butt
But you don't give a ****, 'cause you know you is a slut
To the yellow freak, freaky deak, ****in *****s every week
Bound to get a pink of loose, *****
Let me a pink gin and crack corn, and I don't care
Jimmy got Shawn, and that ain't fair
You want to get my dough, be a ho
And then you gotta **** the crew
(No, no) *****, decide and play
And if you want to be grown, I'mma **** you underage
Say you under weight, nothin to say
But damn, he ain't ****
It's all about *****es, hoes, case closed
You want to get busy, take off your clothes
And I'mma show you how I operate
The devil's in your suit, so you best to bait
I got a finger in your ***** and my **** in your mouth
Ticklin ya tassels, turnin ya out
You say you don't ****, ***** that's bull
You'se lickin on my balls, tryin to talk wit ya mouth full
Now you want to front wit ya smelly*****
But when I come over ya house, you know what I want
Don't give me no lip, 'cause I'mma done on your ****
And when I leave your house, you say it ain't ****

CD 1
  • 1 Judgement Day
  • 2 Living in Incest
  • 3 Play Dead
  • 4 13 Ways
  • 5 Finger in the Cake Mix
  • 6 The Devil Gets Funky
  • 7 Crib Death
  • 8 Dead by Day
  • 9 Wake the Dead
  • 10 Dumb Bitch
  • 11 U Wanna Know Something
  • 12 Hoe Role
  • 13 Dyin' to Be Down
  • 14 Sell Me Yo Soul
  • 15 We Got Some Nonbelievers

  • Album Information
    label: Reel Life Productions
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 724288100725
    script: Latin