Who Sang The Miracle of Love? Eurythmics

Eurythmics Revenge cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Annie Lennox, David Allan Stewart
release date: 1986
genres: Electronic Rock Pop
styles: New Wave/Pop Rock/Synth-pop
length: 5:07
producer: Dave Stewart
conductor: Michael Kamen
lead vocals: Annie Lennox
vocal: Dave Stewart
mixer: Manu Guiot and Jon Bavin
recording engineer: Jon Bavin
guitar: Dave Stewart
additional keyboard: Jon Bavin
keyboard: Patrick Seymour
synthesizer: Gully
drums (drum set): Clem Burke
bass guitar: John McKenzie
assistant engineer: Serge Pauchard and Fred Defaye
orchestrator: Michael Kamen
orchestrator: Michael Kamen
lyricist: Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart
composer: Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart
How many sorrows
Do you try to hide
In a world of illusion
That's covering your mind?
I'll show you something good
Oh I'll show you something good.
When you open your mind
You'll discover the sign
That there's something
You're longing to find

The miracle of love
Will take away your pain
When the miracle of love
Comes your way again.

Cruel is the night
That covers up your fears.
Tender is the one
That wipes away your tears.
There must be a bitter breeze
To make you sting so viciously
They say the greatest coward
Can hurt the most ferociously.
But I'll show you something good.
Oh I'll show you something good.
If you open your heart
You can make a start
When your crumbling world falls apart.


CD 1
  • 1 Missionary Man
  • 2 Thorn in My Side
  • 3 When Tomorrow Comes
  • 4 The Last Time
  • 5 The Miracle of Love
  • 6 Let's Go!
  • 7 Take Your Pain Away
  • 8 A Little of You
  • 9 In This Town
  • 10 I Remember You