Saturday Saviour Lyrics - Failure

Failure Fantastic Planet cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Greg Edwards, Ken Andrews
release date: 1996-8-13
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Space Rock/Grunge
length: 4:28
membranophone: Kellii Scott
piano: Greg Edwards
vocal: Ken Andrews
guitar: Greg Edwards and Ken Andrews
percussion: Greg Edwards
bass guitar: Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards
assistant mixer: Casey Stone
writer: Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards
I'm never gonna say the words
That you want
I'm never gonna feel the shame
Like you do
I'm never gonna stretch my shape
To be with you
I only need you for a day
'Cause I only want to be your

Saturday savior
I can be that
Saturday savior
I will be your
Saturday savior
I can be that impostor in your bed
Wake him up please

I'm never gonna make you feel
That you're satisfied
I'm never gonna feel your pain
Like you wish I would
I'm never gonna open up
More than this
I just want to be your
I just want to be your

I'm never gonna break apart
Quite like you
I'm never gonna long for life
The way you do
I'm never gonna push you out
'Cause your not in
This will only take a while
'Cause I only want to be your
Saturday savior

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