Fair Warning - Here Comes the Heartache Lyrics

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I feel it rising from the dark
Tearing apart the curtain of the night

I'm on my way, there's no mistaking
But there's a pain deep in my heart
Now I can feel my sorrow come alive

And the pain creeps down my spine
To the memories left behind

(*)Here comes the heartache - why did I lose her
The mystery's cast a spell onto this life
Bearing the heartache - until I've found her to survive

Out in the dark the wind is whaling
I see my chances rise and fall
There ain't no use to hang on to a dream

But the pain creeps down my spine
To the memories lost in time

(*)repeat x2

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fighting for Your Love
  • 2 Here Comes the Heartache
  • 3 Hey Girl
  • 4 Don't Count on Me
  • 5 Falling
  • 6 Holding On
  • 7 Walking on Smiles
  • 8 Someday
  • 9 It Takes More
  • 10 As Snow White Found Out
  • 11 Just Another Perfect Day
  • 12 Falling (reprise)