Who Sang Da Fat Gangsta? Fat Joe

Fat Joe Represent cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Joseph Cartagena, Joseph Kirkland
release date: 1993-7-27
length: 4:09
Yeah uhhh..
Chill.. hah yeah..
Come on..

I'm comin rougher than the roughest ************ could get
Playin Russian Roulette never lost a bet yet
Bluffin ain't my style *****z ain't sayin nothin
'Cause I'm buckwild without frontin

Raw to the core I grew up poor
Once I hit the door I began to explore
Curiosity killed my cat but not me
because I learned how to kill with agility

I grew up in the South Bronx, punch you in your mouth punk
I know these streets like Fred Sanford knows junk
In the trunk of a car lays a body
Head decapitated, bust him with my shotty

Stabbed the mug, to make sure, he wasn't comin back
Now police, can picture that, with a Kodak.. huh!
They can't stop me with a homicide investigation
'Cause if they do my crew is hittin up the station

Your best bet, is to let me jet
'Cause I bring war, like a vet, when I'm upset.. huh!
I'm not the one you want to play out in a program
Yo, you better tell them who the hell I am

"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta" Yeah! (2X)
"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta" Tell em who the hell I am
"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta"

Now on the hip-hop tip, I'm no joke
Get live at a jam, and leave a system broke when I spoke
MC's froze, but I never said freeze
Hopin I don't hit em like a ****ed up disease

Fall up in the club, Mr. Hype for a night
Choke a rapper with a cord, hang him from the lights.. huh!
Now you do want to mess around with the Fat Man
'Cause you see my face in every newsstand

Every other magazine from Billboard to Spin
Pick it up and read Fat Joe strikes again
How true, I'm not about weed and brew
I'm just another papichulo like the rest of my crew

So give me the microphone
This jam is dedicated to my main man Tone
'Cause he flips, and I flip, and we flip the script
And you know, you don't want to get your *** WHIPPED

Party over here, another in the hospital
Lincoln, Memorial, notice that's how I sent you, hah
I was the one who played the shoot 'em up games
Here's another patient, and yo what's my name?

"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta" Yeah! (2X)
"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta" Tell em who the hell I am
"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta"

So I cruise around in the be -M
or in the Benz, hurtin' enemies and makin' new friends
They shake my hand, smile in my face
The nine's in my waist, so there won't be a chase

That's it, the situation is blown out of proportion
When you leave, you must use caution
Look over your shoulder, even on your block
When I come to visit, you know you're in shock

So don't say who is it, act like you know
Kickin' down doors is the Gangsta Fat Joe
And I got no time for games
My name is goin' down in the gangsta hall of fame

"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta" Yeah!
"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta" Tell em who the hell I am
"This is Joe Da Fat Gangsta"

Yeah.. Fat Joe Da Gangsta
Representin' in ninety-three
Peace to my man Diamond D
Peace out to my man Ski
This jam is ?letido?, ha hah

CD 1
  • 1 A Word to da Wise
  • 2 Livin' Fat
  • 3 My Man Ski
  • 4 Bad Bad Man
  • 5 Watch the Sound
  • 6 Flow Joe
  • 7 Da Fat Gangsta
  • 8 Shorty Gotta Fat Ass
  • 9 The Shit Is Real
  • 10 You Must Be Out of Your Fuckin' Mind
  • 11 I Got This in a Smash
  • 12 Another Wild Nigger From the Bronx
  • 13 Get on Up
  • 14 I'm a Hit That

  • Album Information
    label: Violator
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 088561117528
    script: Latin