Who Sang I Got This in a Smash? Fat Joe

Fat Joe Represent cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Joseph Cartagena, Joseph Kirkland
release date: 1993-7-27
length: 4:14
Yeah, it's time to let 'em know how I got this here
Fat Joe Da Gangsta, got this in a smash,
Know what I'm saying?
Showbiz, Diamond D, check this out

Aww one to the head, I don't give a ****
Suckers better duck buck buck buck buck!
I let off mad shots
You get dragged when you face the big shot
Yeah and the Bronx is my territory
Suckers getting sprayed, end of story
Whether one deep or with my crew
I pack a .45, my girl packs a .22
Huh, so you know I'm all right
If *****s want beef, then I give 'em a hell of a fight
Yeah, I'm quick to blow a ***** out the frame
I'm insane, pushing punks in front of a train
'Cause I don't have it up to here
Talking about skins, I have more than Richard Gere
Yeah, cause I got it like that
It ain't hard to tell that Joe is living fat
How I last and surpass any ***** who shows his ***
Is gonna end up getting blast
Run for jewels and give me the cash
Everybody knows I got this in a smash

Yeah, you know I got this in a smash (So what's up, what's up?) [x4]

Aw ****, another brother hit
This time it's Tone, life is a ****ing *****
It really hurts when the **** hits home
Early in the morning, they calling me on the phone
Telling me my man caught eight to the chest
Nah, this couldn't be, Tone always wore a vest
But that's the way the story goes
Today you're here, and tomorrow who knows?
Man I'm gonna miss him, I love him to death
Charlie's in jail and I'm the only brother left
It's time to get strong, forget about the sorrow
But like Ike said, no one is promised tomorrow
**** the bullshitting, it's time to get cash
Don't **** with me cause I got this in a smash

Yeah, you know I got this in a smash (So what's up, what's up?) [x4]

Well it's the F-A-T, Gang S-T-E-R
Living like a star, drive a fat car
525 and I'm crazy live
Not all the loot in the world could make me take a dive
****ing mad *****es on the first date
Straight to the telly, hit the skins, I gotta skate
See, I got no time for a stunt
Because a 40 and a blunt, that's all she really wants
Yeah, so dough keeps collecting PC
Knocking out punks with my man Diamond D
'Cause everybody knows I'm the man
And if you **** with me, then ****'ll hit the fan
I took mad flicks since '76
Robbing every other brother for their **********ing kicks
I once heard a kid say he's his brother's keeper
His brother turned around and bust him with a street sweeper
Everybody wants the cash
But don't **** with me cause I got this in a smash

Yeah, you know I got this in a smash (So what's up, what's up?) [x4]

CD 1
  • 1 A Word to da Wise
  • 2 Livin' Fat
  • 3 My Man Ski
  • 4 Bad Bad Man
  • 5 Watch the Sound
  • 6 Flow Joe
  • 7 Da Fat Gangsta
  • 8 Shorty Gotta Fat Ass
  • 9 The Shit Is Real
  • 10 You Must Be Out of Your Fuckin' Mind
  • 11 I Got This in a Smash
  • 12 Another Wild Nigger From the Bronx
  • 13 Get on Up
  • 14 I'm a Hit That

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    label: Violator
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 088561117528
    script: Latin