Who Sang J.O.S.E.? Fat Joe

Fat Joe Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.) cover art
writers: Joseph Cartagena, Lester Fernandez
release date: 2001-12-4
length: 2:27
Aiyyo crack, these *****z is playin' mad childish games
*****z act like it's a rap
Yeah, it's a rap, for y'all motherf-rr-uckers
*****z replacin' the 'G' in gangsta with PR's and W's

Pranksta wanksta-*** *****z
You know roses go on caskets of those that oppose the squadus
**** tri-borough, we reppin' five borough
Get at these *****z straight music

Yo, Friday night, woke up in a cold sweat
I can't believe *****z schemin' on Joseph
Nah man, this ain't the way it's goin' down
*****z talk too much ****, and I jump like the sound

They fear my presence like the rest of them
Jose's the bettin' informer, flesh-n-blood like the president
Now maybe I'm a target on the pedastal
Got a little fame now, *****z wanna harm me for my revenues

Start ya little beef, that's the **** I love to eat
I been a soldier, you a son, be a humble seed
My own *****z let them hoes make 'em envy
Posin' like they friendly when I'm knowin they resent me

That's the **** that get me aggrevated
It be the same *****z in ya face talkin' 'bout, "I'm glad ya made it"
Fake *****z, Jers' State *****z
Funny how cake can make ya learn to hate *****z

You've now tuned in to the sounds of Jose
Where we push sex, money, drugs, and violence all day
Mostly heard in penals and project hallways
And by *****z blowin' trees out the back of O.J.'s

These jealous *****z is worse than *****es
The ones that get knocked is bound to turn snitches
Still talkin' ****, still ain't ****
You envious *****z can suck my ****

Hahaha, ohh, now y'all feelin' the kid
Yeah *****, south boogie ain't goin' nowhere
Don Squad-agena, Terror Squad that is
Blaze *****z over beats in the streets

Joe crack gon' hold that down
You seen the kid up in the clubs, BET, MTV
On yo' block, on my block, however you wanna ****in' slice it
Bastards, poof

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 J.O.S.E.
  • 3 King of N.Y.
  • 4 Opposites Attract (What They Like)
  • 5 Definition of a Don
  • 6 My Lifestyle
  • 7 We Thuggin'
  • 8 Fight Club
  • 9 What's Luv?
  • 10 He's Not Real (intro)
  • 11 He's Not Real
  • 12 The Fuck Up (interlude)
  • 13 Get the Hell on With That
  • 14 It's O.K.
  • 15 Murder Rap
  • 16 The Wild Life
  • 17 Still Real
  • 18 We Thuggin' (remix)

  • Album Information
    label: Atlantic
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 075678347221
    script: Latin