Who Sang Rappers Are in Danger? Fat Joe

publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Joseph Cartagena, Marco Rodriguez, Anthony Best, Gerryl Omar
release date: 2010-7-27
length: 3:16
Rap, rap, rap rappers are in danger,
Yeah its The Darkside Ha
Welcome to The Darkside

You gotta a problem motha****a'
Then holla all you seen was the batter
No Lebron when I pop in your flowers
Run up in your labels beat your head wit them plax
Better watch wat you shake on them rats
***** I am cocaine I am extortion
We are da streets yes we are in
Time to take the gloves off mask off hit 'em
Wit' the Mossberg splashin' blast first
Baby guts black hurts you ***** ain't ready
For ready wanna talk saucey turn your ****in'
Head to spaghetti all you young boys
I got 16 in you can kill and shoot
The booth up but still cant win
***** left me for dead try to
Kick to da curb till them c and p
Boys came and put in da word
Now its more Maybachs
More phantom chops
Ball til we fall til
Da judge let da hammer

[Chorus: x4]

Champagne dreams
Cashmere nightmares
***** couldn't touch my flow
Not in light years
This is it like da best of da mic
Years you ***** more *****
Than dykes here
Yeah and da ra pound
Wit a chick wit a
Fatter *** then Kanye's girl
**** if you been to Harry's
In da streets is where you
Find me the same hood
They suppose let shine be
This dat block music
Yeah go ahead and bust
A shot music back it up
Hustle rocks **** da
Cops music yeh
You now rockin
Wit' The Darkside
No luv so you know a
***** heart cry
Bet I still b on top
Wen them cars fly
Even then I still let da sparks fly
Lotta ***** turn the dicks into a slit
Sit down and pee *****
Now ain't dat *****

[Chorus: x4]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Valley of Death
  • 3 I Am Crack
  • 4 Kilo
  • 5 Rappers Are in Danger
  • 6 (Ha Ha) Slow Down
  • 7 If It Ain't About Money
  • 8 No Problems
  • 9 How Did We Get Here
  • 10 Money Over Bitches
  • 11 Heavenly Father
  • 12 I'm Gone
  • 13 At Last Supremacy

  • Album Information
    label: E1 Entertainment
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 099923210122
    script: Latin