Who Sang The Shit Is Real? Fat Joe

Fat Joe Represent cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Christopher E Martin, Joseph Anthony Cartagena
release date: 1993-7-27
length: 4:47
[Fat Joe]
This is goin out..
To all the live ************s, knowhatI'msayin?
All the real *****z
Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
LaBella Puerto Rico, wherever the **** you from
Know what I'm sayin? Yeah

This story takes place, back in the South Bronx
Where at the age of 14 I was already knockin' off punks (yeah!)
And suckers were scared to death, every time I walked by
I hear them *****z take their last breath (ah..)
See I just didn't give a ****, and if you had a see-skin
A leather bomber, you was gettin' stuck (word!)
That was the way it was
One day I went to visit my aunt, and stuck up my 'cause
See **** was ****ed up back then
No matter what the **** I did I never had no ends
And my moms was on welfare
Ayyo I knew I had a father, but the ***** was never there
So what the **** was I to do
I'm sick and tired of bein' the bummiest ***** out the crew
I gotta get mine, I gotta get cash
I see an old man, I'm gonna rob him with the quick-fast
Give me your **********in' loot, papi
I'm gonna get paid, and can't a damn thing stop me
See, I'm tired of this poor ****
And who the cops? Well they can suck my **********in' ****
Cause all them *****z ever do is harass
That's why I get glad when I hear somebody smoked that *** (*gunshot*)
Just to let ya know how I feel
Word em up, the ****in' **** is real
Hey yo, it's real

[Chorus] (*cuts "Down on the reel to reel"*)
Aiyyo the **** is real
Aiyyo it's real
Word up, the **** is real

[Fat Joe]
Now I'm sixteen and there's a brand new scene
I'm makin' mad loot, gettin' paid off the dope fiends (word)
Keep the **** in check, in order
And my main man Tone was ****in' everybody else's daughter
See everybody knew in town
That Joe and Tone had **** locked down
And a ***** wouldn't test me
It seems like every other day the ****in' cops arrest me (yea!)
But the **** will never stick
I make one phone call and be out like quick
Cause Uncle Dan had my back
And now *****z gettin' jealous cause they know I'm livin' fat
Talkin' **** around the way and on the block
But never in my face, cause they knew I packed a glock
And my crew is mad deep
A bunch of crazy Puerto Ricans, so aiyyo don't sleep (word!)
And all you ***** *** *****z know the deal
Check it out, the ****in' **** is real
Hey yo, it's real


[Fat Joe]
Check it out
Let me let ya know why I made this song (why?)
Brothers can't deal with the real, word is bond
I'm sick and tired of these fake *** *****z
Sayin' that they catchin' bodies when they never pulled a trigga
I know your style, I've seen it before
You wear an army suit, now you think you're hardcore
Drinkin' on your 40's, smokin' on your blunts
Can't afford a chain so you wear gold fronts, yeah
You're fakin' the funk, kid
And you'll be gettin' it up the *** if you ever did a ****in' bid
It's time to separate the real from the phony
The name is Fat Joe, punk, act like you know me
I come equipped with the ruff ****
Nowadays I can't believe the bull rappers come up with
And all ya *****-*** *****z know the deal
Check it out, the ****in' **** is real
Hey yo, it's real


[Fat Joe]
Word up!
I want to say peace to my peeps, The Beatnuts
Messengers of Funk, Strickly Roots
My man Funk Flex, Zulu Nation
Jazzy J in the house
Diamond D, the whole Diggin' in the Crates crew
And rest in peace to my man Tony Montana
Ayyo, I'm out, word is bond
The **** is real

(*cuts "Down on the reel to reel"*)

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  • 2 Livin' Fat
  • 3 My Man Ski
  • 4 Bad Bad Man
  • 5 Watch the Sound
  • 6 Flow Joe
  • 7 Da Fat Gangsta
  • 8 Shorty Gotta Fat Ass
  • 9 The Shit Is Real
  • 10 You Must Be Out of Your Fuckin' Mind
  • 11 I Got This in a Smash
  • 12 Another Wild Nigger From the Bronx
  • 13 Get on Up
  • 14 I'm a Hit That

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    label: Violator
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 088561117528
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