Who Sang If Ya Gettin' Down? Five

Five Invincible cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Jason Brown, Richard Breen, Julian Gallagher, Mike Cleveland, Sean Conlon, Richard Stannard
release date: 1999-11-8
genres: Hip Hop Rock Pop
styles: Pop Rap/Pop Rock/Ballad/Europop
length: 3:01
performer: Indeep
composer: Julian Gallagher, Mike Cleveland, Richard Breen, Sean Conlon, Richard “Biff” Stannard, Jason Paul Brown
If ya getting down baby
I want it now baby
Come and get it on baby
I want it not baby

I want to take a little time
To refresh your mind
'Cause the boys are back in town, with a
Different kinda funk
Who's got the funk?
We got da funk - right!
Everybody want to boogie down tonight

Now tomorrow your hand up in the sky
Move 'em from side to side
I got what it takes
The beat that brace the funky bass I'll
Give your body craze shakes (UH!)

Wiggi, wiggi, I'm gettin jiggi, open up the
Door, I got the key to your city
You're looking kinda pretty
Dance 'till you drop and it don't stop until
It goes pop

Dance how you want to dance
Let's all get down while we got da chance
I've still got 12 seconds on the clock,
That's mine
And I ain't gonna stop 'till the shine shine

Line after line
I flow like rhyme after rhyme
Just like time after time

Keep it up 'till you feel the heat
And get down once you feel the beat (UH!)


There ain't no problems that we can't fix
'cause we can do it in the mix
Noe if your man gives you trouble
We'll be there on the double
Guaranteed we'll be hittin' for six
(Come on)

If ya getting down baby
I want it now baby
Come and get it on baby
I want it not baby

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