Who Sang Thanks for the Memory? Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra She Shot Me Down cover art
release date: 2010
genres: Jazz Pop
styles: Vocal/Big Band
length: 4:29
lead vocals: Frank Sinatra
brass: Charles Turner
French horn: Sharon Moe, Donald Corrado and Joseph de Angelis
woodwind: Robert Steen, Al Klink, Sidney Cooper, Sol Schlinger, Bernie Kaufman, Phil Bodner and Wally Kane
violin: Joe Malin, Pamela Posk, Christopher Tarle, James Burnham, Lesley Heller, Maura Giannini, Max Cahn, Sanford Allen, Elliot Magaziner, Julius Brand, Peter Buonconsiglio, Carmel Malin, Secondo Proto, George Wozniak, Frederick Buldrini and Paul Gershman
viola: Theodore Israel, Selig Posner, George Brown, Michael Spivakowsky, Vincent Liota and Rose Tillotson
cello: Julius Ehrenwerth, Anthony Sophos, Richard Bock and Jesse Levy
harp: Gloria Agostini
piano: Vincent Falcone, Jr.
guitar: Tony Mottola
double bass: Gene Cherico, Frank Bruno and Richard Romoff
drums (drum set): Irv Cottler
percussion: Ted Sommer
composer: Ralph Rainger
lyricist: Leo Robin
Writer(s): leo robin/ralph rainger

Thanks for the memory
Of things I can't forget
Journeys on a jet
Our wond'rous week in martinique
And vegas and roulette
How lucky I was

And thanks for the memory
Of summers by the sea
Dawn in waikiki
We had a pad in london
But we didn't stop for tea
How cozy it was

Now since our breakup I wake up
Alone on a gray morning-after
I long for the sound of your laughter
And then I see the laugh's on me

But thanks for the memory
Of every touch a thrill
I've been through the mill
I've lived a lot and learned a lot
You loved me not and still
I miss you so much

Thanks for the memory
Of how we used to jog
Even in a fog
That barbecue in malibu
Away from all the smog
How rainy it was

Thanks for the memory
Of letters I destroyed
Books that we enjoyed
Tonight the way things look
I need a book by sigmund freud
How brainy he was

Gone are those evenings on broadway
Together we'd go to a great show
But now I begin with the late show
And wish that you
Were watching, too

I know it's a fallacy
That grown men never cry
Baby, that's a lie
We had our bed of roses
But forgot that roses die
And thank you so much

CD 1
  • 1 Good Thing Going (from the Musical Pruction "Merrily We Roll Along")
  • 2 Hey Look, No Crying
  • 3 Thanks for the Memory
  • 4 A Long Night
  • 5 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
  • 6 Monday Morning Quarterback
  • 7 South - To A Warmer Place
  • 8 I Loved Her
  • 9 The Gal That Got Away/It Never Entered My Mind (medley)