Freestyle - You Lyrics

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I really love you so
And my love it will always grow
And i wanna let you know
That ill never go, never let you go
And i never, never knew
That i found a love that´s true
So now i give my heart and soul to you
You came and changed my life
I knew you would bring joy to me
Coz you gave me your smile
And now i know that love is real
You taught me how to feel
What i never knew was true
You keep me believing
Now, now i realize
Just how good my life could be
With one look in your eyes
And i, i finally feel so free
I finally found somebody
Who´ll love me indefinitely
Someone i´ll always believe in
I used to live without
Any sight of love from me
Living each day in doubt
Now ýou gave me just what ive been looking for
What i never had before
You gave me your all
And thats what youre all about
You are the one who made me see
You are the one who set me free
You are the one gave me all your time
You are the one whos always on my mind
You are the one i will have and hold
You are the one with my heart and soul
You are the one never let you go
You are the one really love you so

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Down and Funky
  • 2 Take a Little Time
  • 3 'Til I Found You
  • 4 This Time
  • 5 Love Is Here
  • 6 Missing You
  • 7 Pasa Sa 'Yo
  • 8 You
  • 9 Love Is Here
  • 10 Don't Go
  • 11 My Way, Your Way
  • 12 Make Love
  • 13 You Wanna Be With Me