Funkdoobiest - What the Deal Lyrics

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Yeah, Funkdoobie in the house...
1994, representing....keeping it time

I step out the door, and left undisturbed
I made the beer run and saw them hookers on the curb
Them pimps got the curls, rollers fancy fur coats
Talking to the brothes in the alley, the word
The party's at 7, and girls are with their babies
The kids are playing handball and it's about 80
I rolled out with T-Funk, in the t-bird
Pump the t-bass, hell of course, then we made that you-turn
The doobie got rolled up, the homies had showed up
'Cause we made a left and saw the liquor store hold up
Stopped at the light, acting like nothing happened
We went about our way, brothers domino slapping
Pulled up on the side to see what girls were wearing
T popped the top and had all the hookers staring

On the real, the real, what the deal
For my brothas who live and die on the corner
(Oh Yeah in background reapeated)

Brothas shootin see-lo, try to meet expenses
Homies at the park tired, sleep on benches
Standing buy the payphone, make the call to Ralph Ms
(-Yo Ralph, what's up *****?
-Yo what up dawg?
-What time you want to get up tonight?
-Around 10
-Yo what's all that noise in the back man?)
Homies getting loud right in front of my building
The street lights came on, a cool breeze feeling
For the nights what i need, my aura feels special
What's up to my neighbors, the day had settled
Brothers want to hustle on the corner, scheming
Then i ran back and got ready for that evening


I'm at the party drunk and my homies look dusted
The music was blasting, look here, but what's this
I hear about a hooker who wants to get with T-Funk
The room was kinda hot, holusinate and see 1
See 2 girls by the hallway, all day
Staring at my grill, these females want to play
Girls dim the lights and dance 'til the morning
My crew was in the house, saw these hookers tip-toeing
To the back with the homies, you know the rest
It was late that night, after everyone had left
Some urled in the streets, others gave out their numbers
I then grabbed my coat, had the ride home covered
Leaving with this girl from my block that i took
I said peace to the homies, now i'm out to hit the hooker


Oh Yeah(fades with song)

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