No Shame in My Game Lyrics - Gang Starr

Gang Starr Daily Operation cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Keith Elam, Christopher E Martin
release date: 1992-5-5
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Jazzy Hip-Hop/Conscious/Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 3:56
engineer: Eddie Sancho
As I deliver rhymes with ease and walk around with my head up
I`m dead up serious so don`t be getting too curious
************s always want to know what makes me tick
I`ll pull a phrase out quick 'cause I`m dipped and I`m slick
You thought that I would slip 'cause you seen me drinking forty`s
It shocked you then you told your friends you saw me
Well say what you want 'cause all of mine is in tact
In fact I`ll have you open like a hookers gap
I like to catch a buzz 'cause I get into the beats more
MC`s are washed up like dead fish on the seashore
Save the talk 'cause you know I walk that walk
Hitting city to city but I make my home in New York
I know the time with this rap **** 'cause they got it all backwards
They need to take a hint or catch my microphone imprint
Straight to the dome through the skull to the tissue
Call me Guru I`ll diss you if you`re pressing the issue
Not my style to be sweatin` all the stupid *** rumors
I take it as a compliment and **** you too
If you`re scheming on the chance to put a stain on my name
Don`t even think about it 'cause ain`t no shame in my game

No shame in my game
Stick to the subject I ain`t afraid to be real
A lot of MC`s fake hard just to gain appeal
I like some gangster rap, don`t like the prankster crap
So I get passed all that by kicking straight up facts
There ain`t no reason to shoot unless you got beef
If you pull out and you don`t use it than you may catch grief
Toolies and techs ain`t toys but kids got `em today
And if they`re ready to spray best get the **** out the way
I try keeping my sanity by thinking of better times
If I write clever rhymes then maybe I`ll climb
But what the hell`s success if the mess ain`t changing
50`s still corrupt stupid gangs still bangin`
Stick up kids still stickin` nasty hookers still trickin`
All the pimps still pimpin` and all the crackheads trippin`
While the dealers still sellin` so I`ll refrain from the yellin`
And the preachin` 'cause who the **** would I reach man
*****z don`t want to stop that, they want to live fat
Who`d want to clean up their act when the papes come in stacks
They live for the minute and they`re all wrapped up in it
It`s an unfortunate state for many it`s too late
Now death stalks the streets and it`s right at your gate
So bug, lose your mind but I ain`t goin` insane
I`ll kick the fly lyrics 'cause ain`t no shame in my game

No shame in my game
Life`s a ***** so who are we to judge each other
I know I got faults I ain`t the only ************
Stuff I heard about you wasn`t too cool you know
Like how you smoke wools and that your girl`s a ho
But I don`t listen to **** unless the story`s legit
Knuckleheads need to quit 'cause they be riding the dilsnick
But I`ll be taking care of business regardless
And when it comes to rhyming you know I`m hitting hardest
So you can kick dirt but in the end you`ll feel pain
You little sucker, there ain`t no shame in my game

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