Gang Starr - Peace of Mine Lyrics

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Aiyyo, what the **** is this **** that y'all are listenin to
Nowadays on the radio man? you call that **** hip-hop?
That's some ****** ***** **** y'all are listenin to!
All you dj's are lettin the program directors handcuff you
And sit there and tell you how to mix?! you ****in robots!
**** y'all!

Real talk, serious thoughts
True and livin with a youthful vengeance, yo

(trust me, I'm as live as it gets)

At times I feel like my back's against the wall
And if y'all ain't with me, then it's me against y'all
I stand my ground, that's what I was taught
While others stand around, I hold it down like a fort
In the midst of war, I find peace within
Run, lock your doors, don't let the beast get in
The mind is a terrible thing to waste
I show love cause it's a terrible thing to hate
Of course I want money, but I won't compromise
Y'all don't realize, think I won't bomb you guys?
With the truth *****, stop misleadin the youth *****
Too many wakes and funerals, that's the proof *****
Our hood's in danger, kids need guidance
You keep lyin, still the young keep dyin
As I walk through the valley I fear none, yes I'm the chairman
Here with my ***** premier son
And we came to change the game
We represent the pain that's real talk, what's y'all claim to fame?
Rappers simply tracin flows and chasin hoes
Frontin mad hard, that ****'s amazin yo
Producers makin tinkerbell beats for them to rhyme on
Their *** if they get on the same stage that I'm on

Our **** be rugged, like the new york streets
Make the wrong move stupid then you lose your seat
Cats be buyin up

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro (HQ, Goo, Panch)
  • 2 Put Up or Shut Up
  • 3 Werdz From the Ghetto Child
  • 4 Sabotage
  • 5 Rite Where U Stand
  • 6 Skills
  • 7 Deadly Habitz
  • 8 Nice Girl, Wrong Place
  • 9 Peace of Mine
  • 10 Who Got Gunz
  • 11 Capture (Militia, Part 3)
  • 13 Riot Akt
  • 14 (Hiney)
  • 15 Same Team, No Games
  • 16 In This Life…
  • 17 The Ownerz
  • 18 Zonin’
  • 19 Eulogy

  • Album Information
    label: Virgin Records America
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 724358024708
    script: Latin