Gangsta Blac - Reela Dan Most Lyrics

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And maybe lay it next to my name
Claim all my fame
And rearrange to burst out the frame
Burst up in flames
Too hot to try to shackle and chain
My name is Gangsta
And cooter ain't a root in my vein
You know the biz the posse yeah I'm known for the flow
I keep in store
Nobodies gonna need anybody and that's for sho
Cause see I take in all that I want
That's off the wham
My style gonna put me right back in pocket sho nuff I am
The man with a plan to keep my big family up out the sun
And sheltered big old big body houses like this and uh
To me it ain't a thatng in the world that can get me pissed
Except when I don't carry that thang that can get me pissed
My list is full of shady lil monsters run with a pack
Infact yo act gonna get you so far back so call on black
True friend indeed I feed off the words of G.O.D
That's probably why I keep it so tight cause he's one with me

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Keep It Real (feat. T-Mack, Tha Specialist, and Young Lo)
  • 2 Duck Yo Ass (feat. Lil' Gain)
  • 3 Hard on Me (feat. Big Baby)
  • 4 Papa Was a Rolling Stone
  • 5 Skit
  • 6 Big Ole Moves
  • 7 Wan Cha (feat. Crookster)
  • 8 Blood In, Blood Out (feat. 1st Family's J.P.)
  • 9 Drank and Dank (feat. Terror)
  • 10 S.O.U.T.H. Parkway
  • 11 Weed 'N White (feat. Lil' Gain)
  • 12 Skit
  • 13 Reela Dan Most
  • 14 On It All (feat. Cool B)
  • 15 Actual Telephone Message (feat. Fred)
  • 16 Call Me
  • 17 Sometimez
  • 18 Celebrate (feat. K.Mull)
  • 19 Oo Ya