Geto Boys - Bring It On Lyrics

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Bring it on

Cover your dome or feel the **********in' glock
The problem child is in the house I'm lettin' off shots
Biggedy bang biggedy bang hit them ************s dead
I'm down on this track and I'm about to get wreck
I'm comin' like a hustla never comin' busta
Blastin' around you hoes screamin' "Die **********a"
Never showin' mercy cause that **** is for the weak
I put my glock and knock that ***** off his feet
A young ***** judge says I'm bigger
Step up with that bullshit and I'm a greet you with this trigger
Blastin' all you hoes to let you know how it feels
****in' with the 5th Ward psycho get your ****in' dome peeled
************ bring it on

It's the Seagster the major leagesta
***** deceiver ***** life or leaver
Oakland, hustler never been a buster
Make way for the nine try I'm comin' ************
Straight from the 6-9 the final line village
Doin' more damage than an Exxon spillage
Uh coward and that's that
I'm known to pack a gat and put heads on flap
No rehabilitating my trigger
Take a ***** out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the *****
Ain't nothin' changed since the 70's
I'm hellbound ***** my life ain't never been heavenly
Never slippin' porno a ***** don't laugh
Game tight replace a *****s nights with a toe tag
Fazoo his *** and a zigga I'm the founder
Stackin' up bodies like Jeffery Dahlmer
Oh here comes the flow
Watch me as I tip toe to a *****s window with my M-6-0
Puttin' ************s out they misery
And watchin' the murders reanacted on Unsolved Mysteries
Trick, coward *** ***** *** ******
Six feet deep is where you sleep with the worms and the maggots
***** can't harm me
Rap-A-Lot army comin' like Desert Storm
You've been warned but if you still want some ***** bring it on

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 G.E.T.O.
  • 3 It Ain't
  • 4 Crooked Officer
  • 5 No Nuts No Glory
  • 6 Six Feet Deep
  • 7 Murder Avenue
  • 8 Raise Up
  • 9 Murder After Midnight
  • 10 Straight Gangstaism
  • 11 Cereal Killer
  • 12 This 's For You
  • 13 Street Life
  • 14 Bring It On
  • 15 Outro