Gin Blossoms - California Sun Lyrics

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Just three days
And I'm missing you more
Than I thought I would
I miss you more
Than I'd like to say

I'm hanging on a hope
That's swinging form a rope
That's all the same
My biggest mistake
Was letting you get away

Oh baby

California sun
So bright and beautiful
Yeah but that was yesterday
How'd you slip away?
California sun

California sun

Been about a week
And I finally fall asleep
As the sun comes in
Through the broken blinds
Lying all alone
Sinking like a stone
Wish you were here
Can't sleep you off my mind

Oh no, baby


I'm searching door to door
Sunset down to the shore
Where'd you disappear
I wonder were you go
I don't really want to know
You can find me here

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Track Listing
CD 1
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