On My Way / (Sex interlude) Lyrics - Ginuwine

Ginuwine The Senior cover art
release date: 2003-4-8
genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
styles: Rhythm & Blues/Neo Soul
length: 4:57
Ya know
I'll be there baby
Just hold on
I know you like it

Keep it warm, I'll be there, I 'll be rollin' in 'bout two or three,
I can only think, how your body feels,
And the way that it last to me,
You're like a dream, a vivid dream,
That I don't want to wake up from,
You Bring out the beast in me,
Bring it out of me,
You're all I want,
You're all I need,

[Chorus: x2]
Babe I'm on my way,
Girl I 'm coming home,
Is that body calling me, (cause I wanna) wanna hear you scream,
Calling out my name,
Giving you just what you need

I can't picture, me living life, without coming home to you ,
And I'm so glad, you're all mine, and I know this loves so true,
Girl as soon as I unlock,
Get ready cause girl it's on,
Wear that silky dress I like, baby and
Baby put the red thong on, (yea)

[Chorus: x2]

Girl I'm on my way,
And I'm hor-ny,
Hope you're ready girl, I want it all,
Please don't fall asleep, I 'm on my way,
Babe, I hope you rested up,
I want it all, Girl I 'm on my way,
And I'm hor-ny
Hope you're ready girl, I
Want it all, Please don't fall asleep,
I'm on my way ,
Babe, I hope you rested
Up, I want it all, I want it all,

[Chorus: x3]

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