Who Sang Abandon? Godgory

Godgory Shadow's Dance cover art
release date: 1996
genres: Rock
styles: Death Metal
length: 8:02
composer: Erik Andersson
lyricist: Matte Andersson
It's all the same, another sleepless night
My tears they rain, in the moonlight
The vision is gone, I can no longer see
It brings me back, back to reality

I am closing my eyes
I am one with the time
Thinkin of the night I cried

Why can't we go, back in time
A lovely moment, becomes your life
Me only feel, the bitter loss
Now it's your turn, to face the cross

I am closing my eyes
I am one with the time
Thinkin of the night I cried

I am dreaming of the past time
All I care about is what I left behind
I just wanna go back I my mind
A journey through my memory
I close the door towards the time that comes
I go backwards and I go all alone
I'm not entering another zone
Afraid am I for the reasons to be born

Closing in and fear is rising
I don't want to ne the dreamless
Touch the sky and feeel so blind
I hear them call

Standin at a new horizon
I don't have to be the freamless
See the sky and feel so alive
No more they call

I have found my peace, beyond reality
No more sleepless nights, no more agony
I think this was, meant to be
I was a prisoner, now I got dignity

It was the end of life
It was the end of time
Thinkin of the night I died

CD 1
  • 1 Abandon
  • 2 Tear It Down
  • 3 Rotten in Peace
  • 4 Leavetaking
  • 5 God's Punishment
  • 6 Make You Pay
  • 7 In the Ocean Sky
  • 8 Shadow's Dance