Who Sang Iron Fist? Goldfinger

Goldfinger Disconnection Notice cover art
release date: 2005-2-22
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Pop Punk/Ska/Pop Rock
length: 2:55
Standing in the road and it's rush hour
Wishing I was far from this scene
Standing in the road and I'm freezing
It's hard to breathe

This morning I was dreaming of angels
Covered in the warmth of their wings
This morning was a different lifetime I've come to believe

So now I'm answering a million questions
Racking up my legal fees
Everyone's assuming I'm guilty

So now I'm watching as my house is raided
Like I'm some sort of terrorist
I thought that they were democratic, not an iron fist
More like an iron fist

Sitting on my couch like a leper
Interrogated sociopath
One hand is resting on their holster the other their staff
In my life I've been trained to respect them
Bred only to protect and serve
Now I know that they are paid by the wealthy
The meek won't be heard

If I become what they had taught me that is wrong
I lose allegiance to the country that I'm born
The country that I am born

I always knew that they would find nothing
No weapons, just a mind of my own
This country was built only on treason
These homes for the slaves
Homes for the slaves

CD 1
  • 1 My Everything
  • 2 Wasted
  • 3 Ocean Size
  • 4 Uncomfortable
  • 5 Too Many Nights
  • 6 Damaged
  • 7 Behind the Mask
  • 8 I Want
  • 9 Iron Fist
  • 10 Walk Away
  • 11 Faith
  • 12 Stalker