Who Sang Pictures? Goldfinger

Goldfinger Goldfinger cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: John William Feldmann
release date: 1996-2-27
genres: Rock
styles: Punk/Pop Rock/Ska
length: 2:20
Here I am and I found you
I thought I'd never be here
I told myself so many times
I have to let you go

But here I am and you're not
Here I am alone

All I want
Is a picture for me to look at
All I need
For me to look at you when you're not there

I'm lost again and I found you
And I'm so glad you're here
I can't believe I deserve you
I thought I'd let you know

That here I am and you're not
Here I am alone

[Chorus: x3]

CD 1
  • 1 Mind’s Eye
  • 2 Stay
  • 3 Here in Your Bedroom
  • 4 Only a Day
  • 5 King for a Day
  • 6 Anxiety
  • 7 Answers
  • 8 Anything
  • 9 Mable
  • 10 The City With Two Faces
  • 11 My Girlfriend’s Shower Sucks
  • 12 Miles Away
  • 13 Nothing to Prove
  • 14 Pictures
  • 15 Darrin’s Phone Call
  • 16 Fuck You and Your Cat