Who Sang Laughing? Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls Hold Me Up cover art
writers: George Tutuska, John Rzeznik, Robert C. Jr. Takac
release date: 1990
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Punk
length: 3:43
I wake up, I'm staring at the clock
My belly hurts and my head is like a rock
I get up to see what I can see
Furthest I got was my black and white TV
Eyewitness News brought to you at noon
Oh my God, guess I got up too soon because

Oh, I feel like laughing
Oh, I feel like laughing
Oh, I feel like laughing
All because of you
All because of you

I didn't mean to wear this disguise
But I can't stand the look in my eyes
Oh, I didn't mean to lie
I was doing what I thought was right
Come on, walk right down the line
You'll be walking 'til the end of time because

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Laughing
  • 2 Just the Way You Are
  • 3 So Outta Line
  • 4 There You Are
  • 5 You Know What I Mean
  • 6 Out of the Red
  • 7 Never Take the Place of Your Man
  • 8 Hey
  • 9 On Your Side
  • 10 22 Seconds
  • 11 Kevin's Song
  • 12 Know My Name
  • 13 Million Miles Away
  • 14 Two Days in February