Who Sang On My Way? Grace Jones

Grace Jones Bulletproof Heart cover art
writers: Eleni Mandell
release date: 1989-10-10
genres: Electronic Funk / Soul
styles: House/Synth-pop/Funk
length: 4:26
producer: Chris Stanley and Grace Jones
lead vocals: Grace Jones
additional producer: Jonathan Elias
writer: Grace Jones, Chris Stanley
Aaaa, hey baby, where are you going baby?
Hey, want to give me a ride, got get to where I’m going real fast,
Ain’t got no time to waste, thing here, I’m not about to stay here,
There are children on street, with no food to eat,
I seem them there, I said I got to get away,
I’m on my way.

I gotta escape this poverty, I gotta find a new reality,
Don’t try and stop me boy, I’m on my way,
So light me a cigarette, cruise in a plane,
Take a trip to paris, maybe spain, yeah,
Oh I’ve got to get there, take me away, I’m on my way,
I’m on my way, I’m on my way.

Hey, I’m on my way,
You can stay, I’ll leave you here,
You’d be a fool if you like what’s here, hey,
I got to get there, hey, hey, hey, I’m on my way,
Many places you can go, no one ever said I never told you so,
I’m on my way.

I’ve got to get there, got get there, hey, hey, hey,
I’m on my way.

Don’t give a damn, don’t really care,
Given you all I got I’ve got to share, yeah,
I’m on my way,
Shut the door, you can lock me out,
I don’t give a damn I’m heading south, hey,
I’m on my way, I’m on my way (ehoes),
I’m on my way,
I’m on my way.

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  • 2 Kicked Around
  • 3 Love on Top of Love
  • 4 Paper Plan
  • 5 Crack Attack
  • 6 Bulletproof Heart
  • 7 On My Way
  • 8 Dream
  • 9 Seduction Surrender
  • 10 Someone to Love
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