Who Sang Still on My Mind? Guardian

Guardian Swing Swang Swung cover art
release date: 1994
genres: Rock
styles: Acoustic/Pop Rock
length: 3:49
You know my heart was breaking
You know I was thinking
It's already over
But we're just getting started in love

Then you showed me
That my fears were only
Looking at the circumstance
Instead of drawing close to You Lord

And I need You
Oh I want to see You

Now you know Your love
Is still on my mind
Every time I come to You
You show me something new
About Your love
Is still on my mind
No matter how I feel inside
You take my hand and help me climb so high

You know I was lonely
And I thought if only
I could be the kind of man
To stand up to this world You'd use me

But then you showed me
If I would only
Put my life in Your hands
You'd show me things I never planned

And I need You
Oh I want to see You

When I feel like I can't take
Another day of this life
I know that Your love is one thing
I can count on every time
Even though I fail you my Lord
You give Your love to me
And then You give me strength to carry on

And I need You

CD 1
  • 1 The Way Home Back
  • 2 Endless Summer
  • 3 C'mon Everyone
  • 4 Like the Sun
  • 5 Rich Man Over the Line
  • 6 Your Love
  • 7 Don't Say That It's Over
  • 8 See You in Heaven
  • 9 Let the Whole World
  • 10 Preacher and the Bear
  • 11 Still on My Mind
  • 12 Why Don't We