Who Sang Up On The Ride? Guillemots

Guillemots Hello Land! cover art
release date: 2012-5-7
length: 6:49
producer: Jonas Raabe
mixer: Jonas Raabe
phonographic copyright by: Guillemots
In my heart lies a dancer
And it glorified the rain
From the temple of water
To the reason for my pain
There’s a price to kind us
There’s a bridge I’ve yet to cross
Where the temple of silence
Is the reason we get lost

And find me a partner
That can stand the way I shame
On the past of my frame book
From the laughter to the lake

Oh, I try to be clever
Oh, I try to be good
But I messed up the secret
That I always knew I would
There was there on the carpet
There was freedom in the smile
Of the one I chased after
Oh, it sat there all the while.

And I don’t claim to be more
That I ever have been
But that night I was bad nursed,
But that night I was afraid.
Oh, that night I was madness,
Oh, that night I was shame.

So, you will change today
The lights you so frequently cover will begin to shine again
The pathways you trapped so blindly will start their purpose, or disappear
The drastic decisiveness that you must learn to inherit will make its first cautious journey
Upwards, into your inverted perception circle. I would like to be your friend.
Life, a gift you so often swander is precious as it has always been
And faith, that I hidden, still sits above your head.
So pull back the morphine curtains, go wash and purge those demons clean.
Today is the first day, as they have always been.
And today, dear you, you will begin to love yourself with joy.

Oh, stay near my baby,
I know I’m not an easy ride.
But I’d do everything,
To keep you,
To keep you by my side.

I may not yet have found the one,
May spend my whole life tryin’ to run,
But I can’t let the good thing die
I’m gonna fight for you tonight.

Oh, stay near my baby,
I know I’m not an easy ride.
But I’d do everything,
To keep you,
To keep you by my side.

CD 1
  • 1 Spring Bells
  • 2 Up on the Ride
  • 3 Fleet
  • 4 Southern Winds
  • 5 Outside
  • 6 Nothing's Going to Bring Me Down
  • 7 Byebyeland
  • 8 I Lie Down

  • Album Information
    label: The state51 Conspiracy
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 5055453648212
    script: Latin