H-Town - Shoot 'Em Up Lyrics

H-Town Ladie's Edition cover art
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[Dino Speaking:]
Yeah Baby, Baby I'm Here Today
Cuz Baby I Wanna Tell The World
My Story Of What U Done 4 Me Baby
U Know, Ya See Baby I Don't Wanna Lie
Baby, I Wanna Let The World Know Baby
That You've Been Here 4 Me Baby
U Know And I'm Gonna Tell That World
What You've Done 4 Me
What Wonderful Lady U Are Baby
Cuz U Know People Don't Wanna Say
I Mean Men Don't Wanna Say Baby
See I'm A Man Baby
See I'm A Man Baby
And I Know Men Baby Don't Wanna Do What I'm About 2 Do Today Baby
U Know Let The World Know, What Wonderful Things That You've Done 4 Me Suga
And Baby I Gotta Let Them Know, That's Why I Want Them 2 Listen Check It Out
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang(Yeah)
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang(I Love U)
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang(Alright)
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang(I Won't Rest Until U Stay)
[Verse 1:]
I Can Remember Days
Holdin Down The Fort
I Was There 2 Sacrifice My Lovin Baby
And I Can Remember That Day Like Yesterday
And I'm Not Afraid 2 Come On And Talk About It
See When He Put His Hands On That U Way
Mine As Well Did 2 Me, What He Did 2 She
Cuz Oh, I Had To Kill Him Baby
I Felt The Love, Now I'm Sittin Down In Prison
Oh, Writing About Her And I'm Not Afraid 2 Say That I Know That I Did Wrong
I Just Want The World To Hear My Song Here It Go
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
Shoot Em Up Bang, Bang
[Verse 2:]
I Know They Say I'm A Fool
But My Heart Was Covered In Love
And I Was There 2 Do What U Needed Me 2 Do
And Lord I Can Remember When We Were Cryin U
Said Oh, How He Left Your Face So Bruised
And All I Needed 2 Know Was He The One Who Did It
Cuz Oh, I Was Mad As Hell And I Was Gonna Straight Kill Him Baby
I Felt The Love And He Wasn't Going 2 Take The Only Love In My Heart
And Now I'm Sittin Here Rotting In This Hell Hole 4 U
And All I Want Is The World 2 Hear My Song, It's Like This Here It Go
[Dino Speaking:]
Ya See Baby
A Man Ain't Gonna Do What I'm About 2 Do
Cuz I Know Baby, That I Know I Love U
U Know What I'm Sayin Suga
[Dino Singing:]
Don't It Feel Good
Don't It Feel Real Good
Ooh Tonight
Let Me Take It Home
IIIIIIIIII... Oh, Oh, Uh, Oh Don't It Feel Good

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