Haddaway - Make Me Believe Lyrics

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You don't know why
After all you meant to me
I'd wanna leave so easily
And say goodbye

You did me, wrong
You let your heart go out to play
And now you want my love to stay

And I would die
If I walked away from you

Make me believe in you
Look in my eyes
Make me believe in you
Tell me no lies

They say that time
Can help to mend a broken heart
Like the one you tore apart.
The one who loved you

(But) I realize
Time itself don't mean a thing
Without you right here with me
'Cause I would die
If I walked away from you

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Let's Do It Now
  • 2 You're Taking My Heart
  • 3 Touch
  • 4 Who Do You Love
  • 5 What About Me
  • 6 Satisfaction (Love Don't Come Easy)
  • 7 Make Me Believe
  • 8 I'll Do for You
  • 9 Bring Back My Memories
  • 10 Don't Cut the Line
  • 11 I'll Wait for You
  • 12 Mr. President