Lone Wolf Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. Lone Wolf cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Joseph Lee Williams
release date: 1990
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country
length: 3:52
There ain't no man gonna invade my territory
There ain't nobody out there gonna mess with me
Because I'm big and hard and battlescarred
And getting long in the tooth desperate and hungry
And got nothing to loose.

Yeah I'm a lone wolf I've been chased
And I've been bit. Yeah I'm a lone wolf.
They like to shoot at me but they miss.
Yeah I'm a lone wolf and I ain't never been trapped,
And God help the people that think they got me cornered at last.

I've been hunting.I've been tracking.
I've been running since I was 3, born in Louisiana Swamp,
Moved with the pack to Tennessee.
Raised by black and white dogs to some country, some rock-n-roll.
They said now boy your gonna have to quit your houlling so.
Staying up all night and chasing Lassies by the moon
Laying up all day on the porch playing guitar tunes.

Yeah I'm a lone wolf and I no longer run with the pack.
Yeah I am a lone wolf.I don't ever look back.
Hey I am a lone wolf out here on the prowl
And most of us have been penned up but I'm still running wild.

Hey I'm a lone wolf.I've been chased and I've been bit.
Yeah I am a lone wolf this ole dog knows all the tricks.
Hey I'm a lone wolf. Still hungry and I'm on the prowl,
And most of us have been penned up but
Bocephus is running wild.
You better watch out because I'm hungry and I'm on the prowl.

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