The Cheatin' Hotel Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. Almeria Club cover art
release date: 2002
genres: Blues Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country Rock/Pop Rock
length: 5:13
When you check in the cheatin' hotel, you'll be back
For another spin at the wheel and a race at the track
They're off and runnin' down at the bar
This is Heather - This is John
They're all down at the cheatin' hotel lookin' for fun

Yea I'm the bartender in here and it's quite a scene
The women get dressed to kill and slip off their rings
Their husbands meet them an hour later
She'll have friends all around the table
And introduce the old man as one of her latest flings

Then they go out on the dance floor
Now there's a new man to sway for
And touch and talk and sip some more red wine
Then the slow dances get much closer
And now's the time for low words
That guy there with your wife's my husband but it's OK

Then I watch all of them leave
Then they share a stare and a squeeze
Now I don't know if it's wrong or right
I'm sure it feels good at the time
But if you keep on playin' this game you'll lose your mind

'Cause they're thinkin' about him or her
Then they feel like a piece of dirt
It's time to check out of the cheatin' hotel and go home for good

We get quite a few attractive lonely wives
They come in the bar together about six forty-five
And sit down and say with their eyes
My friend and I are lookin' for a good time
It don't take long to find a couple of guys at the cheatin' hotel

And then they go out on the dance floor
Now they got a new man to sway for
And touch and talk and sip some more red wine
Then the slow dances get much closer
And now they whisper low words
Are you married, why yes I am but that's OK

And they know it's really not, look at all the trouble they got
If you check in the cheatin' hotel
Somebody somewhere's gonna tell
And you'll be in the room from hell and you can't get away

The light blinks on and off
Bartender last round for us all
Oh they had a mighty hard fall down here at the cheatin' hotel

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