Hanoi Rocks - Dear Miss Lonely Hearts Lyrics

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Dear miss lonely hearts
I had to write this letter
To tell you how I came to meet her
She was sweet but I dated her sister
That's how I made my mistake
And I can't forget her
I felt depressed
‘Til a friend of mine suggested
That I write to this address
So unless you can find a cure
For my loneliness
It will persist
It will persist

Lonely boy
Looking for another
Lonely girl
To love one another
Lonely hearts
Turn to each other
Lonely souls

Dear lonely boy
I doubt if my reply will bring much joy
It seems from your letter that you lied
Or strongly implied
That you were satisfied
To take her sister by your side

I became distressed
At your total lack of tactfulness
So at best all I can suggest
Is that you resist and you put an end
To such thoughts of silliness

Lonely boy

Dear miss lonely hearts
I've got problems
You're the only one I know that can solve them
I love a girl but I'm dating her sister
If I persist in my pursuit I will kiss her
Dear lonely girl
I doubt if this reply will bring much joy
But you must not trust this boy
You must not lust this boy
Resist and do not kiss this boy

Lonely boy

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