Who Sang Mental Beat? Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks Back to Mystery City cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Andy Mccoy
release date: 1983
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Glam
length: 5:03
producer: Overend Watts and Dale Griffin
composer: Andy McCoy
lyricist: Andy McCoy
The beat is getting stronger
I can't take it any longer
Every time I go to sleep, I wake up to this beat
Inside of me

You can't ignore this beat
You have to get up on your dancing feet
You will have no time to eat
The beat is so much stronger than me
Oh, yes, it is

I observe and I learn
Today I have been reversed
And it seems to me, now, like I'm the center of the universe

People ask me if I'm going insane
But I say it's just this missile in my vein
It comes on hard; there's no stop, no start
And it kicks so strong, the kick goes on
Over and over till you can't belong
It's an endless song
One, two, three, it goes on

Ooo, mental beat
Ooo, mental beat

Your hero's just a zero
And you're just another weirdo
It comes on like a bomber
A long distance drummer
If you can't hear the beat, you must be deaf

Hanoi Rocks has got the beat
Boy, they never seem to sleep
And the only explanation
Is that there is no protection
Against the mental beat

So let's go

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
  • 2 Malibu Beach Nightmare
  • 3 Mental Beat
  • 4 Tooting Bec Wreck
  • 5 Until I Get You
  • 6 Sailing Down the Tears
  • 7 Lick Summer Love
  • 8 Beating Gets Faster
  • 9 Ice Cream Summer
  • 10 Back to Mystery City