Harem Scarem - Charmed Life 歌詞

You are the one
That I crave
Since you're gone
I count the days

'Till I'm warmer from your kiss
Cuz I'm cold without your grace
I'm not falling on those blades
Like it's the first time

You came and wore me down
Leaving me in no doubt
Now we're up in the clouds
Living a charmed life

Since I've fallen
For your ways
I'm in
More than I can say

CD 1
  • 1 Weight of the World
  • 2 Killing Me
  • 3 Outside Your Window
  • 4 All I Want
  • 5 This Ain’t Over
  • 6 Internude
  • 7 You Ruined Everything
  • 8 Charmed Life
  • 9 If You
  • 10 See Saw
  • 11 Voice Inside
  • 12 End of Time