Harem Scarem - End of Time 歌詞

You've taken the darkness away
Now sun never leaves
And time marches on
To some other place
And left a hole in my heart
That'll never be replaced

It seems like everything I do
Will be reminding me of you

'Til the end of time
There was only you and me
You changed my life
Hold on to what we belive
That our love was meant to be
'Til the end of time
Every moment alone
I find it hard to breathe
Now time is the thorn inside of me
That won't ever leave

Now no matter what I do
Everything will remind me of you

CD 1
  • 1 Weight of the World
  • 2 Killing Me
  • 3 Outside Your Window
  • 4 All I Want
  • 5 This Ain’t Over
  • 6 Internude
  • 7 You Ruined Everything
  • 8 Charmed Life
  • 9 If You
  • 10 See Saw
  • 11 Voice Inside
  • 12 End of Time