Harem Scarem - Hard to Love 歌詞

You come on like a sweet child here drive me wild when I want you
You giving me a rough time then you change your mind then you want me
You come so close, but you never stay
You take my heart, and then you walk away

You're hard to love, but it's hard to let you go
I need you now, but I'm afraid of letting you know
It's hard to love, and never understand
How it slips right through your hands

I want to say you're mine but acting like you don't know me
All I need is one night just to make it right when you're lonely
I got to know if we can make it last

Can't pretend I don't want you to know
Every touch leaves your mark on me
Little things seem to haunt me now
I can't believe you've become a part of me

CD 1
  • 1 Hard to Love
  • 2 Distant Memory
  • 3 With a Little Love
  • 4 Honestly
  • 5 Love Reaction
  • 6 Slowly Slipping Away
  • 7 All Over Again
  • 8 Don't Give Your Heart Away
  • 9 How Long
  • 10 Something to Say