Hollywood Undead - California 歌詞

Get, get, get drunk lets
Get, get, get drunk lets
Get, get, get drunk lets
Get, get, get

California show me love
Get buzzed, let's get ****ed up
California throw it up
Get buzzed, let's get ****ed up
California show me love
Get buzzed, let's get ****ed up
California, so high we'll ride all night

Comin' straight outta Cali (what!?)
The 818 valley (what?!)
323! ****in' horse night alley(?)
And from Highland to Clayton, all these *****es are hatin'
Cause the **** that we're saying, is the **** that they're playin'
If we don't make it we'll take it
If ain't real then we'll fake it
Open your mouth and I'll break it, don't give a **** it you hate it!
We're looking for the 6 chicks, down with the 6 dicks
Rollin' all day, gettin' buzzed its ridiculous
Horny like the sickness
Quickies with the quickness
***** like its business
Work it like its fitness
Listen while I spit this, gamin' all these *****es
Now I'm gonna hit this, and **** until I'm dickless!


Let's get girls in the front and the sluts in the back
Let's push 'em all together and put 'em on our laps
Alcohol and drugs and California love
They got me ready to party on this sweetened Bacardi
From the north to the south, this state's all about
Silicon lips and all the fake ****!
California girls; best in the world
Best in the back seat; so lets get ****in' nasty!
I'm a pirate on the streets of C-California
Movin' and cruisin', we're boozin' all night to the mornin'
So from dusk 'till dawn, you know Undead is always on
Hit it once like a bong
Hit it twice and then I'm gone!


You don't wanna step on us, we leave the club ****ed up
Come on down and say "What's up?"
Don't front 'cause I ain't buzzed
Johnny's here to **** you up
JDOG pass the 40 up
You know I'll be here all night
And Undead 'till the day we die

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
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  • 2 Sell Your Soul
  • 3 Everywhere I Go
  • 4 No Other Place
  • 5 No. 5
  • 6 Young
  • 7 Black Dahlia
  • 8 This Love, This Hate
  • 9 Bottle and a Gun
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