Ian Hunter - Restless Youth Lyrics

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He`s much the same as anyone - he don`t do what he`s told
He got hostile on his school report - and he leaves his mother cold
His father owned a bakery - one day they found him hanged
It ain`t good to be free in little Italy - his son`s the leader of the gang

Restless youth - restless youth
Restless youth - restless youth

He soon found out he could not work - the money was no good
This child of the city hit the welfare kitty - did some runnin` for the hoods

And the logic of the street was such - that everything was bent
There`s a lot of white collars - stealing government dollars - wouldn`t notice
Such a little percent.


Now I went to his graduation - in some Brooklyn overnight jail
He said he was a member of the rock`n roll nation - but his face was drawn `n pale
They gave him a suspended sentence - `n he got straight on the phone
Called a big, big, man with a Miami tan `n said
"hi i`m al capone - the 2nd restless youth"


Now his first hit came at seventeen - his second was his last
Some dealer ran screaming from the scene - as the bullets whistled past
`n the cop that killed him shook his head `n said "I swear the truth
When I know it was some old, old man `n not a restless youth."

Now the moral of this story is that all he saw was greed
Legal, illegalities `n all them politician thieves
Good people of the u.s.a. if you want your kids to grow
Then check your harvest carefully - don`t reap; before you sow


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