Ice Cube - Fat Cat Lyrics

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[Chorus 1]
Countin money, eatin rats, gettin ***** all day
All I do is lean back, still makin greenbacks

[Chorus 1 (4X) for the first 30 seconds]

[Chorus 2: repeat "That's all I do!" 4X over]
All I do is lean back, still makin greenbacks
Still makin green, still still makin greenbacks
All I do is lean back, still makin greenbacks
Haters get mad cause I'm still makin greenbacks

I'm a fat cat, look at me, stomach like a Volkswagen
Still I can handle my, business got these hoes braggin
Ice Cube put it down (***** I am the dragon)
I am a ****in clown (yo look how I'm actin)
They wanna throw me out - but they bet' not touch me
Is this ***** ****in crazy, or is he just lucky?
Actin like he own the place, y'all *****z best to rendezvous
This ***** ain't no ***** y'all, this kind of cat all he came to do is

[Chorus 1 (2X) + Chorus 2]

People wanna know how I make that money
Momma Ice Cube didn't raise no dummy
This fat cat don't chase no mice
Hoodrats think they can live off Ice
Enemies think I'm finicky, ***** be
walkin 'round here like a Kennedy
Tend to be, movin like a centipede
Y'all muh'****ers still just Little League
Now I know when the haters get mad, I'm doin my job
Some *****z can't dunk 'til you throw them a lob
Better go find, another one to rob
You just a role player this my squad
You get Lenched, this my Mob
Ain't that I, you a facade
All in the alley, lookin through the trash
I'm a fat cat, lookin through the glass

[Chorus 1 (2X) + Chorus 2]

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