Who Sang Steal the Show? Ice Cube

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publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: O'Shea Jackson, Scott Spencer Storch
release date: 2006-6-6
length: 4:13
[Ice Cube]
Yeah, Steal The Show baby

[Ice Cube]
I'ma have to ride the ride the ride
Till I find a girl to slip inside
Ice Cube ain't never been shot
Ain't never got got, up in the parking lot
*****, Scott Storch will bang the instrumental
South Central here comes the presidential
Pull up jump out the low-rider
A real lyricist ***** **** a ghost-rider
Dance baby i'm your provider
Yous a fly girl ***** i'ma spider
I'm on that *** like please leave me alone
A few drinks you like please follow me home
I just hope you ain't 5150
Thats a crazy hoe even though she pretty
Ice Cube only one el loco
With the volco put your *** in a choke hold
Stone cold oh yeah **** the Broncos
Raider down, everybody better lay it down
Think i'm P.G. you must got a squeegy
Are you crazy, down since Eazy

Here, shoulders, knees and toes
Work that ***** across the flo'
Shake that body, Steal The Show
Ice Cube ***** i'm about to blow (Lets go)
I'm about to do it like this here
Walk over spit game in this ***** ear
Let her know my name and I got it right here
Girl you know the game can I get a volunteer
I'm about to do it like this here
Walk over spit game in this ***** ear
Let her know my name and I got it right here
Plus a pound of weed do I got a volunteer

[Ice Cube]
Goin' once goin' twice
A ***** nice when I turn off the lights
Tell your friends yo **** they advice
Cause some time them hoes act like dykes
**** blockers, pull out your mouth piece
Game over, we up in the range rover
Wake up in the morning with a hangover
Roll over do the whole damn thang over
I'ma roller, took her *** back where I drove her
And we still ain't sober, ************ it still ain't hova
Its the super nova, *****s been doin' over
Ice Cube been rappin' since 84'
About the cocaine streets and the po'-po'
Introduce you to my 6-4 low-low
Yeah the one the just pulled out the mo-mo


[Ice Cube]
Punks jump up to get beat down
Daddy home ************ put your feet down
Jump up yall better clean up
Cause I might done pull out this nina
Put your cups up boy if you ****ed up
And you got the baddest ***** up in the club
Put your cups up even if she ugly
And it look like the ***** play rugby
We could take me anywhere where the thugs be
When they see me ************s wanna hug me
Its all love cause, its all love blood
Its all love when them *****s thrownin' up the dub
Its all love with the brown and they yellow man
Cause a ***** got money like the Jello man
Mo money, yo money, hoe money
Mama didn't raise no dummy learn from me
Cause I could flip **** fast as bisquick
Mr. Butterworth take it for what its worth
I got them low lows flat like pancakes
Sippin' on syzzurp **** what ya hizzerd

[Ice Cube]
Steal The Show baby

[Mike Epps]
You know a lot of these *****es need an antibiotic
Moxacillin', Penicillin, something with a slin' in it
They want a sugar daddy, they want a man on a fixed income
They want man where they can come over to the old mans house
And go in the back porch and get $30 or $40 every here and there
And get in they Honda and ride on off

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    label: Lench Mob Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 094636593920
    script: Latin