Who Sang Easy Rider? Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop Instinct cover art
writers: James Osterberg, Steve Jones
release date: 1988-7
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:55
producer: Bill Laswell
lead vocals: Iggy Pop
mixer: Jason Corsaro and Robert Musso
engineer: Robert Musso and Martin Bisi
guitar: Steve Jones
keyboard: Seamus Beaghen
drums (drum set): Paul Garisto
bass guitar: Leigh Foxx
writer: Iggy Pop, Steve Jones
In the alley where have I grown
Hot night sweats our clothes
My hell is crackin' fire
That's what you inspire
Cruel highway entrance signs
People driving to their lives
Looks like a giant stream
But it's just a dream

Easy rider, easy rider
Easy rider, easy rider

Broken people all around
Old guarantees that pull you down
You need a way out, you need a ride
Cause where you are is suicide

Easy rider, easy rider
Easy rider, easy rider

Oh I see the sacred dreams
And if I'm no ?
I'll feel real ?
Tearing out my hair
I see fertility
In pretty girls I meet
I love my friend
Give me hands ?

Highway in the sun
We listen to the engines run
I wanna fine myself in you
You wanna find yourself, too

Easy rider, easy rider [Repeat: x4]

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 High on You
  • 3 Strong Girl
  • 4 Tom Tom
  • 5 Easy Rider
  • 6 Power & Freedom
  • 7 Lowdown
  • 8 Instinct
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