Who Sang Loco Mosquito? Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop Soldier cover art
writers: Iggy Pop
release date: 1980-2
genres: Rock Pop
styles: New Wave/Punk/Glam
length: 3:17
producer: Pat Moran
mixer: Thom Panunzio
composer: Iggy Pop
lyricist: Iggy Pop
My mommy told me
If I were goody
That she would buy me
A rubber dolly

I got some energy to burn
It makes me jumpy and nervous
But I'm too damn old to join the military service
Hup two three four
I got to hit my baby on a Saturday night
You know the devil made me do it
I know it wasn't right

Like a loco mosquito
'Round and 'round and 'round I go
And when I'm hungry
Down I go

Please Mr. Custer I don't want to go
And spend my night in a bar with some stupid dodo
I'm sick of hanging 'round with old transvestites
They stare at my rubbers
It makes me uptight

And here I go
In love again
Here I go-oh wo wo
Like a loco mosquito

I got some energy to burn
But you always want to tap it
You're busy sucking on my gas tank
Before I can tap it

Like a loco mosquito
'Round and 'round and 'round I go
And when I'm hungry
Down I go

Loco Mosquito

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