Who Sang Street Crazies? Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop Zombie Birdhouse cover art
writers: Iggy Pop
release date: 1982-9
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Punk
length: 3:58
producer: Chris Stein
lead vocals: Iggy Pop
engineer: Joe Arlotta and Butch Jones
guitar: Rob Duprey
keyboard: Rob Duprey
drums (drum set): Clem Burke
bass guitar: Chris Stein
composer: Iggy Pop
lyricist: Iggy Pop
[Chorus: x2]
I am hungry
I am hungry
Give me something
I am hungry
Feed me
Give me something
Street crazy

I am nobody, I am nobody, I am nobody


Yes, they're cropping up now with alarming frequency
These little group eyes
Wasted people standing around
Those who've been kicked *** backwards
Hard out of our society
As we try for the better,
For the higher in man
They may as well be apes, you know
Trying to comprehend the way of death


Shovel it up the street, shovel it up the street, shovel it up the street
And it gets me down
And it gets me down
This is the vision I see
Street crazy

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