Who Sang Strong Girl? Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop Instinct cover art
writers: Iggy Pop, Steve Jones
release date: 1988-7
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Pop Rock
length: 5:05
producer: Bill Laswell
lead vocals: Iggy Pop
mixer: Jason Corsaro and Robert Musso
engineer: Robert Musso and Martin Bisi
guitar: Steve Jones
keyboard: Seamus Beaghen
drums (drum set): Paul Garisto
bass guitar: Leigh Foxx
writer: Iggy Pop, Steve Jones
I need a strong girl
Cause war's where I'm going
I need a war girl
Who wants to show 'em

Good people want to be
Really what they are
But if you try, you will fry
Plenty before catching fire

I need a strong girl
Who works on tension
I need a gendarme
Cause I'm after ascension

When the guns raise, hit my back
On a naked day
I know I will testify
No matter what I have to say

Strong girl, she's like a ocean

I need an eagle
To be my scanner
Cause a liar
Can look like a winner

All the animals
Are running with the pack
I'm outside, tell you why
I don't wanna fight 'em back

Strong girl, she's like an ocean
Strong girl, she's like an ocean

Strong girl, she's like an ocean
Strong girl, she's like an ocean

Strong girl, strong girl

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 High on You
  • 3 Strong Girl
  • 4 Tom Tom
  • 5 Easy Rider
  • 6 Power & Freedom
  • 7 Lowdown
  • 8 Instinct
  • 9 Tuff Baby
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